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Robin Donnellyswtangkiss@aol.comI wish you both much happiness in the future!
Charles Leemyosys@hotmail.comMy very best wishes to the couple!
Judith Ehrenshaftjceac@aol.comMAZAL TOV!
amylynne & Alamylynne@yahoo.comBest wishes to the bride and Groom
Julie, Darryl and Brightshannon.julie@earthlink.netAh, Love. So thrilled that you two have found it -- so glad you are committing to it and to each other. May your union be full of joy and all the other things you both desire ;^)*
Holly and Michael Jensenblackest_rose13@hotmail.comWe wish you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations.
Leslie Fuchslesliefuchs@nyc.rr.comEric has been my close friend for over a decade. Since Naomi has come into his life, joy exudes from his face. Hats off and Cheers!
Donna Maria"Under her neck my right hand has served her for a cushion, and to draw her to me I have sent out my left hand, which bore her up as a bed." - The Perfumed Wordsworth
Love, light, and blessings be to you both!
Beth & Owen Goldwynbethnowen@bellsouth.netWishing you both all the happiness you wish for yourselves & more. May you remain in love for a long, long time.
Evelina GanasEvelinagny@yahoo.comWow. I am impressed, what a great web site. What a beautiful idea. What a wonderful occasion! Yigal and I look forward to attending your wedding. Best wishes and lots of love!
Sara Robin Gadlinsarigadlin@yahoo.comHi. Looking forward to the big day! Mazel Tov!!!
Bob & Kimscwooey101@yahoo.comCongrats, you two. Hope there is much happiness in the future for you both. The Web site is a lovely way to share your special day. We enjoyed looking at it.
Ken & Valerie Hartvalglo@rocketmail.comWe wish you a wave of the sea, still, and yet still moving. Playing with delight in the gardens of the gods...
Mark & Lisa Schoenberglisaboop4@aol.comWe hope that your marriage brings you all the love, happiness, beautiful children & joyous electricity that ours has, forever. Mazel Tov. L'Chayim!
Gisela Adisaonegisela@yahoo.comMay the best of your past be the worst of your future... think about it, that's a good thing!
Danielle and Sean Tietjendangadlin1@aol.comCongratulations! We are so happy you found each other. Eric, welcome to the mishpacha!
Nancy C. Resnicknancyresnick4@aol.comI am so honored to be included. May your life together be filled with joy.
Louis & Eric Kleinmanlouiskleinman@yahoo.comWith love from us both.
JEFFREY KORNjeff@summitjet.comMazel Tov to both of you, your family, and friends. May your union bring you joy and happiness unmeasureable. I'm a friend of Jason Trompeter, and I'm testing to see that your wedding is viewable online.

As of Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 at 5:16 AM, we have been
happily married for 12 years, 30 weeks, 1 days, 21 hours and 45 minutes!

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