Wedding Day Time Line

  1. Pull around to the back of the Stage House.
  2. The Valet Parking service will take your vehicle and issue a tag to you.
  3. Come in through the gates and the doors directly ahead of you.
  4. Check your coat to the left of the entranceway.
  5. Enter the Sanctuary to the left of the coat room.
  6. Pick up your place card from the table in the back of the Sanctuary.
  7. Be seated anywhere but the first two rows.
  8. The Family will enter and be seated in the first two rows.
  9. The four Chuppah-pole holders will erect the Chuppah.
  10. The Rabbi and Groom will enter and take thier places under the Chuppah.
  11. The Bride will enter and circle the groom 7 times.
  12. The Ceremony of Marriage
  13. The Bride and Groom exit and go upstairs for some private time.
  14. The Family exits and proceed to the main dining room.
  15. The rest of the guests exit and proceed down the hall
    to be seated in the main dining room.
  16. The Chuppah is taken down.

As of Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 at 4:51 AM, we have been
happily married for 19 years, 9 weeks, 2 days, 21 hours and 20 minutes!

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